ADHKI: Journal of Islamic Family Law becomes one of the journals that focus on the field of family law by placing religious values as the basis. This journal also has a program that aims to solve various family-related problems in order to achieve family resilience in this modern era. The family becomes the most important part in the sustainability of human life in the world, so in order to achieve a harmonious family and have strong resilience requires approaches from various perspectives in every problem solving including the humanities, social sciences, health sciences and technology. So, this journal invites the intersection of several disciplines and scholars in providing a solution of problems in families in some regions, especially Asian countries.

ADHKI Journal is published twice a year (June and December), religious values and family resilience in the main focus of academic inquiry and invite any discussion as purpose and scope.

ADHKI: Journal of Islamic Family Law is a member of the since 2019, so each article has a unique DOI number.

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Publishing Schedule:

  • Volume 4, No. 1, June, 2022
    • Deadline submission: March 2022
    • Deadline pubsilshing: May-June 2022
  • Volume 4, No. 2, December, 2022
    • Deadline submission: August 2022
    • Deadline pubsilshing: November-December 2022
  •  Volume 5, No. 1, June, 2023
    • Deadline submission: March 2023
    • Deadline pubsilshing: May-June 2023

Vol. 3 No. 2 (2021): Vol. 3, No. 2, Desember 2021

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Published by: Indonesian Association of Islamic Family Law Lecturers